Looking for a bubble.io job

My name is M.Furqan Saify, I’m a software engineer and a bubble.io developer. I have 1 year experience on bubble.io and also I can work on different computer languages. I’m very flexible with my time and also work whenever you want. Here is my portfolio if you want to check it out.
M.Furqan Safy Resume
Feel free to contact me about anything.

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Using a template as your portfolio page is unwise, but changing the title from ‘Resume Template’ should at least be the bare minimum.


nice portfolio…good luck out there!

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Thanks for review @georgecollier

Thanks @incomdies

Have you tried find a job on upwork?
Btw, do you have experience working with API/backend workflows? If yes, do you have any pet projects to share?

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Thanks for response @eremin.theodor Yes I have worked with different APIs like OpenAI and some money transfer gateway. Sure I can share my previous projects with you.

No worries

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