Looking for a CAD/MDT for GTAV RP

Hello, we are a smaller group from Xbox using Discord, we are growing and in need of a new CAD/MDT.

We would need the CAD to have several departments, be fully customizable, optional subdivisions, comprehensive economy and job system, discord integration preferred, and a full front and back end.

Please let me know if you can provide that. Thanks!

Add me on Discord Black Jesus#0104

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Hello @usrpc,
I hope your day is going great!

My name is Johnny and I work with Afterthought System, LLC. Afterthought System is a company that currently provides a multicommunity CAD/MDT system for the roleplaying community. Some of the communities we provide include LostRP and Blaine County DOJRP. Our system currently has over 188 communities with over 3792 users.

We currently offer 5 plans ranging from Free to $25.99/month. Additionally, we also offer custom individualized pricing, meaning that you can reach out to our team and request to pay for what you need, this is in terms of Department needs, Sub-division needs, and User needs.

If you are at all interested! Please check our Discord out at https://discord.gg/SpWFjZn or skip Discord all together and check out our website at https://afterthought-system.com!

Have a great day!

Afterthought System
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Outbreak Worldwide

Outbreak Worldwide was founded on January 1st, 2020 by Adam S. Outbreak Worldwide strives to provide a safe and homeful enviroment for our members and at the same time provide full working CADs.

What do we do // offer?

Outbreak Worlwide Offers:
• Loving Enviroment

• Working CAD/MDTs

• Great Community

• Legit Partners

Outbreak Worldwides Mission:
• Outbreak Worldwides Mission is to provide a safe and homeful enviroment for our members while at the same time providing fully working CAD/MDTs. We strive to be the best and want to be original. JOIN TODAY!!

Attachments: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/492915757508853771/555902227487916117/rainbow.gif

Server Link: https://discord.gg/hTpj83d

Sivpp CAD’s

Just opened and first CAD coming out on the 1st next month if you would like to join the link is https://discord.gg/j7FrWQm

Hello usrpc,
Mercury has a great amount of cad and great prices our lowest price is $3.50 and the max is $13 and we only do reseller cads and we do lost of sales and giveaways sometimes so if you would like to join here is our link.