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Looking for a CAD/MDT for my gta 5 roleplay community kinda like Polecat324’s DOJRP

I’m trying to figure out how to make a CAD/MDT System like DOJRP

like these


Hello! Please email me @ [email protected]

Hello, I Have The Exact CAD That Polecat Has.
Add Me On Discord Landon H. #0575 Or Email Me At [email protected]

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law how do u think it would be just massge me at [email protected] justmassge at [email protected]

Did you find a system. If yes, could you tell me where and how.?

how did you get the cad

Hello Jay,

Modern Solutions has been providing CAD / MDT products since October of 2017. We are happy to work alongside you in this project and get it accomplished. You can get out our existing CAD / MDT products here; Our products integrate with FiveM to create a universally great experience.

We also are an authorized reseller of the Codurly CAD (The original creators of the DOJ CAD/MDT)

Let us know if we can help you any further! Contact information is below;

Email - [email protected]
Discord -

You also can PM us via Bubble and we’re happy to chat.

Hello @jaydintyson2002

If you need a cad/mdt go to this discord at Join that and we can talk about our prices. Our cad is the old DOJRP cad but we have edited it to make it our own. More updates to come soon!

Chief Technical Officer
Matthew Cadena

Can I have a copy pls

If you are interested in a CAD/MDT for cheap please email me. I have better one then polecat!

Im selling cad/mdt for $10 each one time charge include all 6 departments. Contact me at this discord

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Your link is expired. Message me The Yipster #8356 on discord

message me on discord The Yipster #8356

Its Stolen

Cads/Mdts ranging from free to $50 join the discord

Stolen from Nic. I mean, if you’re going to sell it as yours then at least remove the owners name. @ethanalford01


Hello Im Looking For A Free CAD/MDT If You Can Send Me One At My Gmail [email protected] Thank You WIll Be Very Much Appreciated

HP chargear

I can host a fully working CAD/MDT for anyone for just $7 a month. i will host it maintain it, I’ll do what I can for you. If interested contact me on discord : Mac#6666