Looking for a CAD / MTD system with partnership!

Looking for a realistic CAD / MTD system. I am hoping to not pay for it if I could possibly work out a deal and partner up with someone in order to get my community up and running bigger than it is now. that would be a great help what I am looking for within the system is
Police Dept MTD
Sheriff’s Dept MTD
Highway Patrol / State Troopers MTD
Active Warrants Database
Fire Dept MTD
Fire Dept Dispatching Console
DMV with vehicle registration and lookup
Licenses Database for businesses/weapons, etc.
Bail Bonds page and database
Realistic with real MTD sounds
Shift Start/End Times
Active Fire/EMS Incidents page
Login page for users - least priviledge setup
Change Department w/ supervisoral permission, etc
Management panel
Owner panel
Report Leo
Department Transfer
FiveM Integration
Discord Intergration
Panic Button
911 Button
10 Codes
Account Panel
Patrol Map
Sub Divisions
Home Screen
Switch Character
Go To Work / Leave Work / Quit
Bureau of Firearms
Taxi Service Cad
General Transport Cad
Gruppe6 Cad
Bounty Hunter
Tow Cad
License Center - Guns, Boats, Planes, Business, Fishing, Hunting
it would be great to find someone help partner with my community and get it started
For more information here is my Discord: LogyChillOut#5075
and here’s the Discord Community for my Roleplay server: https://discord.gg/fPANY9d