Looking for a CTO to join start-up

We’re building an exciting platform for one of the fastest and most profitable service industries in Europe. Our client base is quickly digitising and we want to build technology that will accelerate and automate that process.

To achieve this we need an experienced Bubble developer to join the team as our CTO to handle complex functional tasks alongside our agency partner.

You’ll need experience in:

  • Database/AI
  • Front end/UX development
  • Backend development on bubble.io

We can offer a comprehensive package to the right person.

Please feel free to reach out.



I would love to join your team as CTO to develop world changing products.

I am going to be honest here now.

I have been developing web apps and softwares in bubble.io for the past 8 months for my clients.

I have expertise in building frontend, UI, UX, databases, workflows, API to extend the functionality of an app.

You can email me at goyalpriyanshu254@gmail.com.

Really excited to join this team.

Best regards,
Priyanshu goyal