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Looking for a CTO

Hi folks we are in trouble as our dev apparently is disappeared… no words…
We are looking for a CTO to understand, fix, manage and end our app flow.

RECpitch is a platform that allows people to learn, analyse and vote on the best Startups
and project ideas through Pitch Competition contests.
RECpitch changes the way people interact with innovation, new technologies and future
investments by making clear business validations, and comparing projects.
The final judgment is decided by the end-users: the affected target markets themselves.
The real plus of RECpitch is the strong community it’s built on.
User registration is super easy. With RECpitch users can share the same interests, vote for
the most valid projects, and/ or contribute by voting on the most interesting ideas presented
in the Pitch competitions published. Members can monetise their participation to our
learning courses by earning Points (RECpoints). If their selections and votes are successful
and supported by the majority of voters in the community, members can convert these
RECpoints to digital prizes. Our people-friendly graphic design ensures streamlined
navigation, giving members the opportunity to customise their personal profiles by using
range of filters, in order to follow and participate in the competitions they prefer.
Members will also be updated on areas they’re interested in, based on personal profiling
data, statistics and preferences.

Happy to share more details.

Hi Danny,

Sucks that your Dev disappeared!
Cant help you with a CTO, but if you need an experienced Bubbler to help out with finishing your app, feel free to reach out!

Have 4 years experience with Bubble.

[email protected]

Hi mate, we are looking for a CTO that wanna be part of the team. Happy to pay for the bug fix and make the app smooth but we are looking to get that person on board in equity. So more than happy to schedule a meeting if we are on the same page.