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Looking for a dev to help build simple 1-page mobile first listing site, and maybe to join start-up as CTO if interested


We are a new startup in the events industry in uk, we have a solid business plan and have attracted some vc interest for our marketplace idea. We are looking to get a simple mvp up and running asap. Needs to be a mobile first listing site, with user accounts.

We are keen to roll this mvp out to a single uk city asap (before April ideally) to allow us to do some real-world market testing. We have a 1 year roadmap for further development, both for functional and geographic growth.

There are currently 3 of us who have set up the company - I am an experienced digital product manager with 15 years experience, there is also a very experienced COO, and a creative director.

We are happy to speak to anyone who could develop this for us, but we’d be especially keen to hear from anyone who would also be interested in joining as a CTO and taking the technical development of the app forward.

Happy to discuss further with any interested parties, and share our pitch decks and biz plan, but we will require signing and of bi-directional NDA to secure our IP.



Wanna DM with more details on your specific needs?!

DMed you :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who has replied. We are going to contact you in due course, once we’ve had a chance to sit down and review. Thanks again!

Hello @barri.costello
I’m interested in this role. Would you please share more details?