Looking for a developer to pick up the development and optimization of a beta social network app

As part of a recent startup, I’ve been building our social network MVP in bubble for the past few months. I will soon have less time to dedicate to pure development, but our team is still committed to finish a featureset for a client in September, so we’re looking at freelancers / agencies to complete our efforts or pick it up entirely.

To give you more details about the shape of the app:

  • We started from a pretty well developed template
  • We got a calendar plugin and I built scheduling, invitations and attendance records around it.
  • I’m still building some specialized admin tools for the client, including updating credentials by csv, downloading data as csv etc
  • We still have some features to build, some things to re-organize on the front-end
  • There’s probably a lot of optimization work to do, but if it works reasonably well we’ll be happy enough
  • Some of our client’s staff are already testing the application, soon some of their users will also join the beta testing. We expect them to turn up bugs and maybe more UX feedback.

I was a bubble novice before starting this project, and I feel like I hit a few walls at time. So there’s probably a good amount of non-optimal solutions and not-best-practice in there. I did document as much as I could inside the editor, but I will be here to work with you explaining my choices and how the stuff holds together.

What we’re looking for in a developer / agency :

  • proven track record with picking up complex applications written by somebody else
  • availability to work continually with us this next few months, ideally to the end of september. Not full-time, but there’ll be frequent back and forths.
  • familiarity with the AirCalendar plugin and / or social networks on bubble would be a plus.
  • UX input is always nice, but even if you’re only imitating our UI style and making reasonably clear interfaces we’ll be good.

(don’t hesitate to include relevant experience / details for these bullet points in your post / message)

This is obviously a paid opportunity, please include your rates / pricing scheme if you post or message me. It would not start right away but I expect in July, if only for us to select the right partner. The client and I are based in France, but the rest of the team is more international.

We might already have communicated through an earlier post of mine ; don’t hesitate to message me back with further info after reading this post, if not I might re-contact you anyway.

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