Looking for a developer

Hi. I’m looking for someone to help me with image optimisation and compression.

I’m currently using Cam capture plug-in in my bubble app. It produces .png files which I need to optimise/compress to use with the OCR plugin (<1.025MB).

A service such as Cloudinary has been suggested. Anyone with experience with its API or similar please give me a yell.

Thx Paul

@paulburniston.epc I can help. I sent you PM please revert back to me.

Hi @paulburniston.epc,

An interesting tool that was published recently on PH : https://www.cloudimage.io/en/home

It’s (amazingly) easy to use as once you create your account, you get a personal ‘url’ (using your token) that you can use to generate a link to your optimised image Their documentation is relatively straight-forward.


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This service produces good PNG compression and has an API…


They don’t appear to have a RESTful API, but they do have a client library for Node JS, so it might be a good candidate for a server-side action.

Hello @paulburniston.epc,

I am glad to help you.
Please check my PM.