Looking for a deveoper

Dear All,

I am looking for a bubble developer who knows how to wrap a bubble application to be pushed into stores. IOS and Google


Hey Amy,
There are lots of different options to make the happen.

Have you tried any solutions yet? There is lots of documentation on the form for this and so it won’t be very difficult at all

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I would like guidance on this in real time or documentation that will guide me through it step by step. -Amy

Please guide me to the right documentation :frowning:

Okay I never trash other companies openly. But I tried them and the price is deceptive. And the spoke person talks very fast and its hard to get anything accomplished. So that’s why I say no to cobubble. It was more like…okay watch this video and come back when you finished this task for further instructions. I am business owner I do not have time for the none sense.


write me PM i will give you some tips which way you need to go…

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