Looking for a few tester that have a Google Business domain


I’m reaching out to invite a few individuals to participate in the beta testing of a unique platform and its Chrome Extension, named fantomo.io. This is not a sales pitch – the platform isn’t available for purchase yet. Rather, I’m seeking feedback from real users to refine and improve the experience.

Fantomo.io was born out of a common challenge in the IT world: users often register for SaaS solutions that overlap with tools we already use. For instance, our organization might primarily use Jira, but I find users signing up for Asana, or they use Figma without realizing they can access additional licensed plugins.

To solve this, I developed Fantomo. It consists of an admin platform (built in Bubble) where you can craft specific messages (including target URLs and necessary information) for users. The end-users, on their part, will utilize a privacy-first Chrome Extension. Once installed, this extension discreetly checks for published messages and stores them locally. It then intelligently displays these messages to the user when they visit a designated website. Key highlights include:

  • No Tracking: We value user privacy; there’s absolutely no tracking involved.
  • Zero User Data Storage: No information about the user is stored.
  • Simplified Access: Users don’t need to remember any additional login details – it uses their existing Google login token to verify the domain and retrieve messages accordingly.

The Chrome plugin has already been reviewed and validated by Google. What I need now are additional users who can test the platform, use the extension, and provide constructive feedback about its features and overall usability.

If you’re an IT administrator interested in improving how your organization uses SaaS tools, and you’d like to help shape an innovative solution, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me to participate or learn more. Your insights will be invaluable in making Fantomo a tool that truly meets the needs of businesses like yours.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to contribute to the development of Fantomo!