Looking For A Free CAD / MDT

Hey, looking for a free CAD / MDT for my upcoming community :smiley: i have no money to pay anyone

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Dude, Nobody will make one for free

Hello @lambykiller!

There are quite a few free resources to find a CAD/MDT for your community, I have linked a few below for you to checkout.

SauceCAD - https://saucecad.com/mdt/
SauceCAD is a great tool for startup communities looking for a simple CAD solution.

DCRSCAD - https://dcrscad.com
Established back in 2015 (I believe, please correct me if I am wrong), DCRS is another great CAD solution for startup communities.

RocketCAD - https://therocketcad.com
RocketCAD, created by (us) Modern Solutions is a monthly subscription CAD service geared for communities of all sizes. While it is not free, we can provide you with a free trial to get you started! Feel free to DM us if you have any questions!