Looking for a Freelancer (European time zone)

Hi guys, we are a technology company (satellite technology to be precise) and are using Bubble to manage our internal processes. We created an “app” (although is more a monster of a middleware than an app) but we are now needing external help.
The creator of the app left the company and we are now lacking competences to maintain and improve the app. First, because no one else is indeed an expert; second, because the “app” was not programmed greatly in the first place, and last because it IS a complex endeavor.
I am looking for an expert freelancer, based in Berlin or in a similar timezone to assess the app, identify the activities to be performed, prioritize and then execute them.
Experience with Bubble is mandatory, decent communication skills in English are required, location in Berlin is preferred but not necessary.
If you are interested, send me your CV/Book/examples/references to [email protected], including availability and hourly price. I think we are talkng about 100-200 hours of work. If you are interested in a temp or part-time contract (Berlin), i am willing to chat about it as well.

Riccardo Nadalini
Managing Director
Sonaca Space GmbH

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Hi @dxb,

sent you email!


Hello Riccardo,

Hope you are doing well.
I am very happy to assist you.
Sent you a mail. Please check.