Looking for a freelancer for projects and recurring work

I have a few bubble apps on the go for various things and am looking for someone that I’d ideally be working with on a recurring monthly basis for both of these projects. I am looking for help because I’m working as the product person and developer on all of these projects and honestly, I’m burned out and the solutions are starting to suffer. I just haven’t had any real budget until now.

Skills wanted:

  • Backend workflow expertise (payment processing, webhooks, error capuring/logging (bubble’s logs absolutely suck), and 3rd party integrations using Bubble’s API connector)
  • Strong responsive and interface design experience (what I’ve built so far is ok, but could use some love and tightening)
  • Experience with building multi-tenant solutions (in bubble ideally, but as long as you’re familiar with design and architecture of multi-tenant solutions, that’s fine)
  • Selenium (or equivalent testing tools…I use Selenium because it’s free. I have only built a few smoke tests for both projects so far. I’ve used Pre Flight but it gets expensive quickly)
  • Experience with building/maintaining membership sites (show/hide content based on roles)

Nice to haves:

  • experience turning bubble apps into mobile apps
  • integromat/zapier (although I am trying to move all of that stuff into bubble backend workflows)
  • graphic design, create funky animations in bubble and building an amazing user experience
  • located near the Toronto area (that’s where we’re based, but obviously you can be anywhere…I just prefer face to face if possible)

The projects:
I’ll put minimal info here, if you’re interested, it’s easier to walk you through both of these over Zoom.

Project 1: (Total budget is $12,000 CAD, so time and cost is fixed, scope is variable…if all goes well, there will be more work, and potentially a full time gig later this year as our revenue scales up)

A multi-tenant platform that helps employment coaches support people with autism that are looking for jobs. We have a variety of micro-tools, assessments and other things that I have built directly with customers over the last year so we’ve validated product/market fit. We have recently signed a few national associations to trial agreements.

What we’ll build:

  • digital assessments based on paper-based assessments coaches use now
  • integration of Thinkific LMS content (or simply SSO to Thinkific’s site)
  • Plugin suite for a variety of existing CMS (Salesforce would be the first most likely)
  • variety of god-mode tools for administrators (managing clients, users, billing, reporting etc)

Project 2: (Total Budget: $2 - $3K CAD per month, ongoing)

  • https://beta.leanchange.org which is a site that is replacing two wordpress sites because I hate wordpress! It integrates with Thinkific, Open Badge Factory, Stripe, and Workshop Butler.

What we’ll build:

  • site is 95% built, needs extra eyes and help with some responsive mistakes I’ve made as well as some UI enhancements for members
  • membership management and migration from Memberpress
  • micro tools for my members
  • integration of Thinkific courses, or SSO to Thinkific based on membership level

You are a fit if:

  • you like solving problems…for both projects, we work directly with customers to evolve the solutions
  • you want to make a difference for people on the spectrum who often get zero support for finding and maintaining employment once they ‘age out’ of programs
  • you are willing to make suggestions to make either project better (design wise, UI/UX or features)
  • you enjoy working in weekly discover->deliver cycles where we explore the problem and create solutions (I hate to use the agile word, but I’ve been working as an agile coach for close to 20 years so ‘writing user stories to give to a developer to implement’ is precisely the opposite of what agile is. I’ve come across more people than I can remember who replace a spec doc with a list of user stories and call it agile. We work together and directly with customers and stakeholders to evolve the platforms.)

You are not a fit if:

  • you want a 7,000 spec document outlining exactly what needs to be built at which point you’ll blindly fulfill the order.
  • you are an agency (I am not at all interested in working with a sales, bus dev and pm that inflate project costs exponentially)
  • you are already overworked and over-committed on other projects

Feel free to PM me here if you’d like to chat more!


Would really love to talk about this one. I’ve worked with individuals with autism for 6+ years and am highly interested here.

Im free to start a big project like this sometime in the next couple weeks.


Thanks to everyone who’s reached out, I had some overwhelming demand so I’m going through all the DMs…just didn’t wanted to leave anyone hanging!

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