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Looking for a Freelancer for small tasks

We need a freelancer to support me from time to time with small tasks?

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I’m available to help . I am a meticulous professional with good problem-solving and troubleshooting skills as well as strong communication talents for productive teamwork with product owners .
I’m looking forward to hear from you and discuss more about your company, Thank you!

Hi @simon21,

I’m a French Bubble freelancer, 5 years of experience in Bubble and many more with software in general.

I’m specialized in building internal tools for companies but I can build other types of sites too!
See my website:


Absolutely! I understand that there are times when additional support is needed for small tasks. I can definitely assist you with those tasks. Whether it’s making minor updates, troubleshooting, or implementing new features, our skilled freelancer can lend a hand to ensure your project stays on track. Just let me know what specific tasks you require assistance with.

Hi Simon, Sure thing! I can help you with that, I am experienced with

hi i will help you