Looking for a freelancer to take on the app development

Hi all,

I am looking for freelancer or a team of freelancers that can help me with building 2 apps I have in mind.
Ideally long-term relationship, reliable and have an experience in Bubble.
If a qualified freelancer would be available for 20-30 hours a week that would be perfect.
Open for sharing more details in PM.

1st app is an internal management system for a sport academy in Germany.
The general requirements are:

  • coaches have their students in their work group;
  • tracking progress. Coach and student can update results after each training session;
  • these results would be later then projected in charts in player’s (students) personal profile to see the progress, and which coach’s trainings made the best results;
  • personal profile of players and coach will contain their personal records, achievements and progress something similar to https://www.atpworldtour.com/, but this would be an internal tool;
  • admin panel is a must;
  • well optimized app is also a must have;

2nd app is a bit trickier.
Online store’s management system.
Build to analyze the current transactions, stock build projections and process lots of data. For example, PLAID account can contain records of up to 5 years old and that can be 50 000 + transactions per user to save when registering user. Optimization is also vital here
Requirements are:

  • integration of AMAZON API and PLAID API; (we had trouble connecting these)
  • Twillio integration;
  • Regarding the AMAZON API , their support advised me to use Amazon service - Lambda, to move most of the data processing there;

So the main criteria I would say would be:

  • experience in connecting API’s even tricky ones;
  • experience with using Amazon Lambda would also be great. As we understood this would save a lot of Bubble app resources also it is more cost effective to go with Amazon server directly;
  • expertise in how to optimize applications so they would work smooth;

It is a more technical request as I have some designers of my own, that can create a good PSD design, which I can later use to polish things up in the app. UX/Ui expertise on the other hand is very important because of the level of these applications and people, professionals that will be using them.



If you’re looking for a person or team who is good, then I recommend you share more about who you are, what you’re looking to build, how you plan to run the project, etc.

Developers with options typically won’t spend time applying for a role on a nebulous project because they have better things to do with their time.

Developers without options apply for everything.


Hello Tobias,
Hope you are doing good.

I have checked the requirement and I can easily accomplish the mentioned Project in minimum cost, As i am having 5+ year of experience in Same domain.

You can add me on Skype:live:richard_25370
Or Mail id - Richard@cisinlabs.com

Looking forward for your reply.

And please check PM .

Best Regards

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Make sense. Thank you. Will update shortly.

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Hi Tobias :slight_smile:

Sent you PM!

Kind regards,

Nadejda Snegur

Sales @ Zeroqode


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Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the detailed requirement. Have sent you a PM. Look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Tobias,
I am an experienced developer and would be able to help you develop these applications…
You can reach me on andrewjohnson56782@gmail.com
Best Wishes,

Hello Tobias.

Hope you are well.
I can do this application in very reasonable price. I have 3+ years of experience in bubble application. I have created many plugins for my previous client. Please add me on skype that is "joomdev1309@gmail.com". I am available all time on skype.
Please check my PM.


Hi, respectful, your company told me that Bubble was slow and that you guys weren’t experts on it. That was back in March of this year 2018. You guys tried to sell me on PHP and orhers. What is this about? If anyone needs those emails, I will gladly forward hem

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