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Looking for a long-term Bubble developer

I am looking for an experienced long-term Bubble developer to help build a SaaS business and application. The application is a transaction management software business made for real estate agents and brokers. We also sell services for real estate agents.

You would get equity plus profit sharing as I am bootstrapping this business out of my pay checks from my job (i’m a realtor). The application is mostly built right now (more like a shell of a product) and there is are two revenue streams already established.

Skills that would be needed:

  • Experience building Bubble applications
  • UX Design
  • API integration skills. There are some key integrations that would be necessary to integrate for this application to become more sticky.

You can find some information about the product at The website is mostly done as some pages aren’t yet made as the product isn’t 100% completed yet.

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Hey Jake! I love the design you currently have with Well done getting it up and running.

I would like to find out more about this role as I am interested in working with you. I am a Bubble developer for 6 years with background working with real estate clients in both USA and Canada.

Would you be free to chat sometime soon? Looking forward to hear back from you Jake. Have a great week ahead.

Hi Jake, this is interesting and love to hear more about the business. I am well-connected to a large number of high-quality bubble developers, interested in working on projects like these.

Please email me at [email protected] and lets set up a time to chat.