Looking for a Marvelous Bubble expert


I’d like to find a Bubbler that can help me with my project. During the last three weeks, I have learned a lot since I began using Bubble but find that I need a resource at my side that is mature and professional that I can turn to so time doesn’t roll by unproductively. Thus, a sense of urgency is required as needed. Urgency comes into play, when after agreeing on an action plan mutually, certain set of goals fall behind jeopardising milestones from being met. That’s why I need a person with behavioral traits that are extremely professional.

The person I’m looking for has these desirable attributes:

  1. Easts, sleeps, dreams anything Bubble.
  2. Can produce web design as needed. Or, at the very least take my ‘masterpiece’ and make it even better. No, you don’t have to be an expert graphics designer!
  3. Knows something about selling online and ESPECIALLY how taxation is handled… now that states and counties want their cut.

If these qualifications make you quiver with trepidation that’s because responsibility and accountability are new to you. The gal or guy not phased by this has obviously been there done that. I want you!

Now let’s create something great!



For point three I would suggest to have a look at this VAT plugin.

Thank you!