Looking for a NEW App developer

Hi All,

My App is LIVE!! And has been doing well for the past 5 months. My former app developer (who stayed on to troubleshoot for months following the launch), will be moving on to a new project, and I would like to hire someone to come on and help to propel the app forward.

I’m looking to redo my website (with outside support, my social media manager), but want to “wrap the app”, so that it can be available to download via the Apple Store and Google Play, also to have someone stay on to provide tech support.

Please email thearchapp@gmail.com subject “Looking for New App Developer.”

Thank you!


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Just a quick note: your email address appears to be typed in wrong, so if folks click it to send an email, I think it’ll be a busted link.

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Thanks Andrew!



Can you please give a little context behind what your application is about?

Hey Gregory,

I am a labor, birth and post partum doula. I provide emotional, physical, spiritual, and educational support to people who are pregnant, families and support persons (husbands, grandparents, friends, etc.) The app is a marketplace and a hub for all things birth, it’s like the “yellow pages” for everything pregnancy and birth. So, say you were a pregnant person, and were looking for a class (ie. childbirth education/labor education), were looking for a doula, breastfeeding support, etc, you message, book, and pay for a doula using the app. We have an events calendar with all birthing, pregnancy, mom groups, support groups and classes, and events in and around areas where providers are listed. A resources list for all things birth. We offer a shared calendar between clients and providers to book appointments together, you can find providers based on your zip code and connect with pre-pregnancy, birth and post partum support in real-time.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Website is www.thearchapp.com


Sounds very interesting, I’ll take a look at your website. :slight_smile:

Thank you Gregory!!

There are videos to view, before you sign actually sign up. That will give you a better feel for how the app works.

I know it could use some work.


Well, I tell you what, I’ll go through the videos, some of the features of the website and I’ll get back to you no later then tomorrow. :smiley:


Thank you.

Hello @thearchapp,

I’ve sent your GMAIL an email, I look forward to hearing from you. :smiley:

Thank you!

Looking at my emails now. I will get back to you soon.


I’ll be waiting, looking forward to your reply. :smiley:

Hello @GregoryKing,

Glad to help you. Check my PM.


I think you typed the wrong ping.

Please check pm