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Looking for a partner...any takers?

Hi everyone, I’ve been working on a fitness platform application that can change the industry a bit. I’ve done some groundwork in designing the application and even started building it based on a template. However, there is more to do to get an MVP launched, and my expertise is in the fitness world and getting the initial customers, not in building the app.

I’m looking for a partner willing to take a vested equity position.

As this is the start of something new, and it’s equity with no salary at this point, I am OK with you working part-time on the app and keeping a day job. However, when we reach the moment we have enough users and can take a salary, I’d expect you to be fully committed to our success and working full-time within our company.

I would like us to launch in late August of 2021. Based on what I’ve completed so far, I’m 100% sure there is enough time.

Hi Paul,

sounds interesting, can you send me more info?


I like it. For the MVP - could you get by with less features? Just a thought.

What are your plans for marketing?

You might want to look into using the template below as a base

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Thank you very much. I will look into it.