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Looking for a remote internship/mentor in bubble programming


I have been using bubble for a while, nevertheless, I feel like my progress has not been fast enough. So, I would like to offer my services for a full-time bubble internship or mentoring.

I am not sure whether, with my current knowledge, I can contribute to your business immediately, but the first three months I am willing to work for a modest amount of money, and later we can plan how to proceed. I am an Economics master graduate from a top-100 university.

If you are interested, you can send me a dm, and we can have a talk.

thank you,

Hey Senad,
Have you checked out Airdev’s bootcamp program? They offer it for free as a means to find partners to work with, but it’s a good resource altogether and you can just use it for personal development if you want.

Hey Nate

thanks for the reply.

Yes, I did enroll in the Bootcamp, but maybe now it is time to delve into it deeply :slight_smile: .