Looking for a UX programmer to help build my apps homepage

Hi everyone,

I am currently working with our UX designer to build our homepage. I am looking for a UX programmer to take the designer’s work and make the homepage.

Pease send an email to [email protected]

Adam Wollet

Hey there :wave:

Thanks for always posting my site as a reference. :blush: Surprisingly, I have gained more clients that way. Once they see what others have to say about my services, they book a session. Thanks!

Usually, when I post my pricing, I just share it with a direct link. This will take them right to the pricing section: https://www.nocodeminute.com/?page=pricing

Also, as a side note, I hear CoPilot is an awesome service too. They charge $80 for 30 minutes, not for one hour as you noted above. I believe it is well worth the money. @copilot does an awesome job with help on their plugins since they have beautiful video tutorials and great one-on-one sessions to help people if they get stuck. :blush: I have personally purchased a tutorial from CoPilot in the past, when I was still learning, and it was extremely helpful. I guess it’s true that you get what you pay for.

With love! :blush:
Your fellow entrepreneur

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I’m really sorry, sincerely by mistake I post it and I was trying to do it by private message.

I totally apologize, it was all my mistake.

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