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Looking for advice/consultation/mentorship to optimize my ios/android app

Hi there Bubble experts,

I am looking for some help to review the structure, design & workflows of my app that I have currently on the App Store & Google Play.

We launched the MVP 2 months ago and are currently successfully growing our user base and making updates/improvements as we go (love the fact that Bubble app updates do not need version updates on the app stores!!). This is my first app and I really enjoyed the process of learning Bubble. I think I have made a good MVP but realize there’s likely room for improvement considering my limited experience!!

I’m really just looking for an experienced party (individual or agency…) who has successfully built/launched mobile bubble apps (preferably of similar map based/user generated content/social) to review the build and concept and provide feedback, suggestions for performance optimizations of existing structure or suggest features that may add value to help us grow and provide a better user experience.

Based on the feedback I would either carry out the improvements myself or look for further help.

I do foresee the need to switch to a coded app at some point but I would like to not have to do that until absolutely necessary as we scale but am hoping that with help from experts I can keep that at bay for as long as possible … :smiley:

Please either reply to the thread or direct message me if you are interested.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you out there!

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