Looking for an audio recorder plugin that copes with large files

Hi all, I’m looking for an audio recorder plugin that can save the resulting file somewhere outside of Bubble…the issue I’m having with the current plugin I’m using is that my recordings are too large for the Bubble 5GB limits (they are recordings of interviews of up to an hour).

As the recordings are going to be undertaken by my users (interviews with their customers) and then (behind the scenes) passed to AssemblyAI for transcription, downloading the file for the user also isn’t an option because it needs to be then separately uploaded to somewhere (http:// etc) that AssemblyAI can access it - and my users are not tech-savvy at all. I can’t use the AssemblyAI real-time transcription option as speaker diarization is essential, and that only works with an audio file.

Any suggestions very much appreciated!