Looking for Bubble consultant

Looking to consult with someone about my project. I have a few questions with regards to best practices and data structure design principles that I want cleared up before I get too far into development to try an limit the amount of rebuilding and fixing in the future.

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Always happy to consult with folks! Feel free to grab some time on my calendar for a free intro meeting @ codelessconsultant.com.

We can chat briefly over your app and needs and see if I’d be a good fit for your project.


Hello @wastrife! We can schedule a meeting to see your needs. I’d be glad to help you! Don’t hesitate to visit my portfolio below. You can send me a message from there.

Hi @wastrife
As has been said before, @jared.gibb is your man.
In case you can’t meet with him for any reason, you can book some time with me here: Cristian Cisa | I'll help you build your MVP with Bubble


I do bubble consulting: bubbleconsultant.com