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Looking for Bubble Consultation

Does anyone offer bubble consultation by the hour? I’m trying to build a booking application but I’m unsure of how to best set things up and I feel that I’m missing some fundamentals. I’m looking for someone who can listen to what I want to do, and provide some suggestions.

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Hey! I do this every day! I’ve implemented a few different booking features, so I’d love to hear about what your goals are and come up with an approach. We can definitely cover fundamentals too so that you can take the concepts and apply them on your own.

I do private coaching over Zoom meetings by the hour. Feel free to schedule any free slot at



I’ve mad a lot of progress quickly, working with @romanmg (Gaby)
Highly Recommended!


I highly recommend Gaby’s Coaching Bubble. She is very knowledgeable and efficient. She’s saved me hours. Her consultation is worth it.

How can I get a discount code for the coaching?