Looking for Bubble development volunteers for Coronavirus response project!

After the successful development and implementation of our Pop To The Shop Platform (please see below) in the UK , we are looking for a team of volunteers to help us implement the platform for the US.

The platform already exists in the UK (bubble app) and we need a team of volunteers to help us with the adaptation and implementation of the platform for the US market. This is a not-for-profit project, and volunteer(s) will be working within a team led by a US country lead.

Ideally we would like this platform to be implemented and run in the US in the next 1-2 months. If you are interested and have at least ~5hours/week for the next month or two, please DM us here.

What is Pop To The Shop?

“Pop To The Shop” (PTTS) was created by CanDo, a social ventures incubator based in London. CanDo was founded by George Bevis (founder of Tide, a large British fintech). The PTTS platform enables vulnerable people in the community (or those who are self-isolating) to order and pay for food and medicine which is then delivered by volunteers in the local community. The PTTS platform underpins CanDo’s mission to support the most vulnerable citizens in our communities during the COVID-19 emergency. (https://www.poptotheshop.org)

Here is the link to our original posting: Original Posting

I’m would like to join in developing this project. The required time will fit perfectly in my schedule.
Here’s my email. Feel free to contact me