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Looking for Bubbler Cofounder (Equity)

I’m hoping to connect with an experienced Bubbler interested in becoming a cofounder. Someone who wants to create a business that will employ both cofounders full-time while the company continues to be profitable.

I’ve been designing/working with various clients within the Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) space for 9+ years. During this time is how I found a Niche Market and identified the Pain Points these independent business owners are experiencing. The product I’m building solves their Pain Points while adding design value to their Digital Menu Boards needs.

  • I have 14+ yrs of experience as a self-employed designer, 10 yrs of which as a web designer (UX/UI). Overall, 20+ years in the graphic design field.
  • Project has paid market research (slightly altered due to the pandemic).
  • Project has a proven market fit!
  • A product that Solves Various Customers’ Pain-Points for a niche under serviced market.
  • Planned Inbound Marketing Strategy.
  • Plus, I have been designing for this niche market the past 9+ years. I know from firsthand experience working with these restaurant owners.

My approach is NOT to start from scratch, rather utilize a well-established Open Source Digital Signage CMS as the backend where all the heavy lifting has been proven successful and to create a front-end with Bubble using the Open Source API’s.

If you are looking for a part-time project with real potential:

  • B2B SaaS model that has great profit potential for a couple of cofounders.
  • Interested in a No-Code Bubble approach.
  • Willing to commit 5-8 hours per week.
  • Understand it’s not a sprint rather a marathon approach.
  • Appreciate/Respect each other’s strengths and what we bring to the table for the project to be a success.
  • Understands the difference between Product Led Growth and MVP Go to Market strategies.
  • Wants to create a company that will employ both cofounders full-time while the company remains profitable.

Reach out to me (comment or private message). Let’s start a conversation and I will share more details.

Thanks for your time.