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Looking for CAD/MDT system. Free for now

As many others I am looking to start a role-play group.

I am on the xbox so I would like to have a economy system integrated
A store, player inventory the police can check, and the basic jobs available to us on the xbone. (If we can do a discord bot lmk)

Now I know no one wants to give out their hard work for free and I can respect the hustle. I am not asking for a Free Cad I am asking for the capability to pay you when I have a chance and appropriate means.

I can help with tasks in discord (Basic Set-up,Management) as an alternative mean to pay, I sleep during the day so I can help when you are not on etc.

The group I plan on Putting together will be a technical 24-hour session, meaning no specific mandatory days.(unless training)
So plenty of slots will be required.

Eventually I will need a website as well as any other things I may need in the future so there is a chance for repeat service.

I will be asking for basic backdoor functions as in changing emblems, 10-codes, etc. An eventual full ownership will be required.

Due to my constant idea flow there maybe a plethora of new avenues to explore. Opportunity for both of us?


If multiple groups reply I will be testing most if not all of them, To see whose work I like best and to select the service I will be using in the future.

That’s a lot to ask for. Especially for nothing in return, and no guarentee payment. If I was to even consider something like this, I would require a payment, after completion.


Hey there! We don’t provide CADs for free, but we do have a cheap $15 CAD packed full with features. Check out the post below for more info:

I was wondering do you have any trash cads that might be free

and what would said payment be hit me with the answer on discord sadistic outkast @2688