Looking for custom CAD/MDT (Will pay well)

Hey there, I am looking for a custom to order CAD/MDT I am willing to pay a hefty price if the product is unique enough for my liking if anyone is willing to take on this project please leave a comment with either a discord server link or a discord username and I will contact you. Thanks.

Hey I can help you with that just contact me on discord with ThatSilentkill#9398

Hey I am giving free CADS which are advaced and have full cusomtiabillity join here: https://discord.gg/qbmQfVs

Hi not sure when this was made but I am a chairman in a cad company and we have some neat cad/mdt’s so add me on discord Mancop466#0001 if you are still interested


We have been striving to bring you the best that we can when it comes to all role play needs.
We understand that role play isnt just for Fivem. We also pander to those who are using console as well. We offer many cads along with vps plans, logos, websites and so much more.

Why us?
We have pandered to many communities and some you may have heard of such as SARP and BCRP both with 1000 + members each.
We may not be the largest but we try to offer the best and more then anyone else.
As of right now we have 800+ members that you can join and ask.
Here at Rogue we can make sure you are taken care of.

we offer VM’s and VPS for those looking for the extra equipment when looking for a cad. We also offer FiveM setup with the purchase of VPS. FX or ESX. We beast all deals and we can offer fully custom VPS

As of right now we offer a multitude of Cads along with application systems for your role play needs. We have value options for small communities and for those who have larger communities or just want the best for there buck we offer the Gen cad.

Unlimited Community
Unlimited Departments
Dynamic signal, 10 and penal codes
Constant Updates
Affordable Plans to choose from

Gen Cad Plans
5 Departments
1 Civ per user
15 User Limit
Constant Updates
$0.00 / Month

10 Departments
3 Civs per user
100 User Limit
Constant Updates
$5.00 / Month

15 Departments
6 Civs per user
200 User Limit
Constant Updates
$10.00 / Month

25 Departments
100 Civs per user
500 User Limit
Constant Updates
$15.00 / Month

Unlimited Departments
Unlimited Civs per user
Unlimited User Limit
Constant Updates
$25.00 / Month

This plan allows you to build your own plan details for a price you can afford.

All paid plans come with many feature
Favorite features

  • live map option
  • custom invite link
  • FiveM integrated tablet
  • Discord integration
  • New Doj style LEO page

If this cad does not suit you we also offer different cads.

Thank you for reviewing our post. We hope to see you there.

Site Link- https://rogue-solutions.bubbleapps.io/

Rogue Discord - https://discord.gg/N78DXmJ


I know that your post was made a while ago, but if you are still interested in this, I just may be able to help. I’ve developed several custom CAD’s for a variety of servers, including my own community. I’ve got a few unique designs that I’m sure you’d love! Feel free to message me on Discord at your earliest convenience: CollinCF3#5928

Collin F.

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Hello @arllongenecker!

I see that you are looking for a custom CAD/ MDT system! I would like to invite you to check out Afterthought Systems! Afterthought System, LLC is a company that currently has a multi community CAD/MDT, meaning multiple communities are hosted on our one system! Our plans start from Free to $25.99/month! If you are at all interested, please check us out in discord at https://discord.gg/SpWFjZn or bypass Discord all together and check out our website at https://afterthought-system.com!

Hope to talk with you soon!

Have a great day!

Afterthought System
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