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Looking for developer support

Hi all, I could use some additional horsepower completing a business application over the next couple of months.

I’m looking for someone with:

  • 2+ years of bubble development experience
  • Good design sensibilities (nothing fancy, but I do require a clean, intuitive, responsive and attractive UI)
  • A solid understanding of key bubble concepts (reusable elements; back-end api workflows; authentication; sending and retrieving data via params / paths to the URL, etc.)
  • Good housekeeping habits (clear naming conventions, adding notes when required, using styles well, etc.)

The work is flexible, but I’ll be looking for between 3 and 6 days of support in the short term, with the option for additional work down the road. Ideally you’ll be able to start sometime in the coming week or two. I can offer a fixed fee price for a set number of items or hourly wage (with a built-in cap / regular reporting) depending on your preferences.

Please DM me with a bit about yourself and a couple examples of your relevant experience.



Hey @afryer! Take a look at this directory with Bubble experts who will be able to help you. Just message the one you would love to hire or post your project & get matched with a handpicked dev in 48H :eyes:

Hope you`ll find it useful:)

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