Looking for experienced Bubble Dev for hire

Find the task list below:

Note the Frontend is done already.

  1. On Business clicking REQUEST button or REQUEST ALL button, generate both Invite code and pass code and add to email sent to user. NOTE: email sending feature already exists,so all you are doing is just generate the codes and add to the email being sent

  2. Setup SendGrid API for email sending

  3. On entering both Invite and Pass codes, auto-populate User’s data as originally entered by business on their dashboard, for the user to make edit if needed. Sign the user up.

NOTE: from previous implementations on the database, we have two tables: 1 for what the business entered on their dashboard, and the second for what the customer will enter. What the customer will enter will not change what the business entered on their dashboard. For sign in (Show error message: ‘Either phone or PIN is incorrect’ if user details entered is not correct), PIN reset, and email confirmation workflows.

  1. We have already integrated OTP API. Fix OTP bugs and make it work

  2. Ensure that on landing on user home, user can find the Request that business had sent to him

  3. Implement Country on Admin dashboard. Show only enabled countries to the user on phone number dropdowns seen on sign up screen, sign in screen, change otp number screen, forgot PIN screen, etc.

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Budget is $100


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