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Looking for Feedback on my Mentoring Site for Bubble and Other NoCode Platforms

I’ve been working on a site for the NoCode community where people can obtain mentoring. The site is and my goal is to help Bubble, Glide, Adalo and other NoCode developers obtain mentoring without having to pay a monthly subscription or commit to a coaching program. Those other programs are great and definitely fill a need but I know from my own personal experience that it’s sometimes helpful to be able to just do a 45 minute call and talk through the issues I’m facing with a more experienced developer, without needing a larger commitment.

I think web application development (with or without code) is difficult and I want to make it easier. The platform I’ve developed facilitates the entire process from finding a mentor, scheduling a call, paying for it and actually hosting the call through our web site. The calls are also billed per minute.

I’ve used this forum in the past to get advice on Bubble development and it’s been a great resource which is why I wanted to get your feedback on this site. Does the value value proposition resonate with you?

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