Looking for feedback on nextgen no-code experts platform

Hiii :wave:

Me and my friends are working on a new platform for no-code/automation experts to connect them with enterprise-level customers and help streamline freelance work with portfolio, invoices, payments and other free tools. You can learn a bit more here - https://trynext.so/, we are still in stealth mode but are planning to launch soon.

Bubble is one of our main areas of focus as per demand we are seeing rn.

Is it something that could be valuable for anyone here? Curious to know your thoughts!

I think that will be valuable.

Thanks for getting back to me! At this stage, any feedback is priceless for me and my team!

As any platform it is only as valuable as the value you provide with it.

When you mention free tools, how do you monetize it?

I like your landing page, it gives me good feelings somehow :slightly_smiling_face:

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Appreciate your feedback!