Looking for feedback UseTimers.com (Hospitality industry Software)

Hey bubblers,

I’ve been working on a concept still an infant.

I built it for a need within my workplace and now I would like some outside options.
The basic concept is you create timers for product or things and when you open/do that thing you tap the timer, the timer work as the expiry time for that product.

Hopefully, that made some sort of scene.

I’m looking for user cases or ideas to add, really try to build it into something useful.
ooh and feedback.

well here’s the link: www.usetimers.com

Thanks in advance I really appreciate your time.

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Looks good, a lot of grammar errors. Nice work though :smiley:

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Hey @ItsJustBusiness,

Here’s some feedback:

  • Popup Blur Effect: I don’t like the blur effect when popups open. I actually think it’s pretty, but in Bubble it’s laggy. It stutters a little bit before actually opening the popup, which makes for not optimal UI.
  • Tabs Layout (“Timers” and “How to use”): I think you should make it more obvious which Tab the user is currently in, and also the hover effect.
  • Admin Icon: The Admin Icon you’re using is actually an “Acessibility” icon. It’s confusing. I would suggest you actually rename it to “New Timer”.
    ( ).
  • Navigation overall: It took me a while to understand there are 4 pages (“Home” by clicking Timer Board, “Timers”, “How to use” and “Admin” by clicking the icon). I think you should just setup 4 tabs (Home, Timers, New Timer, How to use) so it’s more simple.

The design and components are well done, and there were no bugs as I used it. It worked perfectly.

Congrats! :clap::clap::clap:

Renato Asse
My Bubble YouTube Tutorials (Portuguese): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvNQuM8oPy-oO-5RZ80vf8Q
My Bubble Blog Tutorials (Portuguese): https://www.semcodar.com.br

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Thank you for your detailed feedback,

Will remove the blur wasn’t 100% in to.

As for the Tab Layouts this system is pretty much locked on the timer screen when in use, and the admin panel is only access when adding/editing new timer etc.

So when a business start using this system they will set up any timers they wish. Once that’s done you’ll probably never need to use the admin panel.
Think of it like a repeating list.
example: I need to check something every X amount of time. So you tap the timer you need and it will alert you when it’s ended.

That being said I will continue to work on the navigation and UX components

Thank you @renatoasse for your detailed feedback and time I really appreciate it.