Looking for freelancer to build admin system for small company

We provide musical acts for events (currently about 150 per year for 150 different clients), but looking to build a system to streamline my admin so that I can grow and manage more events and acts (as currently only have a small number of acts)

User access:
Access for approx 5 admin staff
Access for approx 50 musicians
Access for approx 150 clients per year

Typical Event management features (but tailored to our requirements)
Contract and Invoice generation, email/sms notification etc
API to accounting and banking platforms
Website and social media content management

I’m considering building it myself, but it may prove more cost effective to hire in one of you lovely experts, and perhaps work alongside you.

Would love to hear from you to discuss costs etc. I’m UK based.

Hi there,

PM sent, Please check.


I think I have seen you … and I blame you for a sprained ankle whilst leaping in the air during Mr Brightside and falling on top of my mate Si :slight_smile:

(will send you a PM)

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We get around! Broken a bride’s toe in the past too through excessive dancing haha (on the bride’s part…not mine).

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I have worked on several similar applications and can help develop this for you. I have sent you a PM with my profile and links to some of the apps I have built.

Look forward to hearing from you.




I would like to be the part of this project as we have prior experience in creating such solutions.

To share precise time and cost estimation I would request you to please share more information over email: [email protected] or let’s connect over Skype: priyankaabnave.cdn

As you mentioned that you are UK based so I just thought to share that we do have our team there and if you want we can even plan a face to face meeting.

Looking forward to see your reply.

Best regards,

I am an experienced developer and would be able to help you build this application.
You can reach me on [email protected]
Best Wishes,