Looking for Freelancer to help set up Transactional Emails

Hi there. I am building a marketplace for wellness events, workshops and experiences, and I would like help setting up the following:

My site works because I upload different csvs of scrapes to the bubble db. so I want to basically pull data from the bubble db and send it transactional emails using my data.

When a user signs up, they will fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-vnl0o5cfdt_4j3EqeqmCCyoeueE-flju4cYs67-qLD1FsA/viewform

I then want to send them a weekly update of what’s new + highlighted (i’ll add a checkbox to select highlighted ones) in their preferences. So I specifically want to build out the capability to do

  • New this week based on your TYPE preferences
  • New this week based on your FORMAT preferences
  • New this week based on your TYPE preferences
  • New this week based on your GOAL preferences

I also want the ability to customize those transaction emails later, and also set up an email client where I can add welcome emails, education emails, etc.

I want to use an email client that lets me upload different lists of emails, not just emails from my bubble db (I don’t have users set up right now, but if you think this is a problem I can switch it).

My max budget for this email set up is $100. Please let me know if you’re interested

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This might take a developer 2-3 days to implement along with testing all of the scenarios. Not to mention, potentially integrating with a third-party API.

Your budget is on the low side. I hope that makes sense.

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