Looking for Freelancer who can code an MVP for me!

I want to create an MVP that works basically like this website: www.bitfight.tv

It allows users to place live bets while watching Twitch streams. The website should have basic register and login features, stripe integration, and regular databases to get started. That is all covered by numerous templates.

Above the Twitch live stream, there will be a headline with the bet. For example, it will ask “Will streamer XY kill someone within the next 60 seconds?”. Users can then bet on yes or no. The site admin needs to be able to constantly change these bets and settle them, i.e. submitting whether YES or NO has won.

All players can earn points for correct answers and there is a leaderboard. The best player of the day wins a certain prize.

Please visit bitfight.tv to get an idea of the game. Bitfight uses mini jackpots though which I do not intend to use in my original version. To make my MVP as simple as possible, there will be no odds or jackpots for each question. Instead each correct answer will give 100 points.

I am looking for a freelancer who has experience with bubble and is interested in this project. Ideally, this person is a gamer!

Please contact me if you interested…

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Hello Artem Morgunov,

I work at The Upstarters and we can help you with this. I’ve just messaged you with more details.

Look forward to chatting to you,


Operations Manager