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Looking for FT Bubble Developer to develop Google Calendar/Zoom integrations

We’ve built a good foundation using AirDev’s Canvas plugin, but we need support building out some of the more advanced integrations. Specifically:

  • integrations with Google/Microsoft Calendar so users can schedule events, invite attendees (this seems to be the difficult part), update event details, and cancel events

  • integration with Zoom/MS Teams to track event attendance and tie attendance back to a User in the application by the user’s email address

  • integration with Slack/MS Teams to automatically add a user to an employee resource group’s Slack channel after joining, post new event and event reminder in a Slack group, and (not sure if this is possible), build a SlackBot to gather feedback on events

There are additional things that we want to build on our product roadmap, but these are the big 3 right now.

Timeline: The top priorities for these integrations are Google Calendar and Zoom. We’re looking for these to be completed in the next 2-3 weeks.

Budget: $6000

Location: We’re looking for someone within 2-3 hours of Eastern Standard Time.

More about employee resource groups:
ERGs are the foundation of the diversity, equity, and inclusion work that most companies are doing. They are internal communities that companies have for specific underrepresented groups. Examples of ERGs include [email protected] Facebook (Facebook’s Black ERG) and LGBTTeammates (Classpass’ LGBTQ+ ERG). Over 90% of fortune 500 companies have ERGs, and they are becoming increasingly popular amongst mid-sized companies, but there isn’t a solution for accurately tracking membership and engagement. That’s what we’re building.

More about Chezie (
Chezie is a diversity, equity, and inclusion software company working to help minorities find belonging in the workplace. My sister, Dumebi, and I launched Chezie in June 2020 because we wanted to help people like us and people from other underrepresented communities find workplaces where they belong. We were recently featured in NPR.

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just needs to be a json body when you creeate an aevent that has invitee emails attached :wink:

if you wanna chat about teaming up, we can do that too! Feel free to send a DM, i can help with the Microsoft and Google stuff!

Hello @Toby1

SparkDev is an experienced developers team who can help you with your app.

I’ve sent you PM with details, please check and write back to me.

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@Toby1 look at @Pathfix - I believe they have all these API connections and are very helpful in setting things up.

Shouldn’t be too time consuming and could definitely be done well under that budget :slight_smile: (unless a large portion of infrastructure needs to be built as well).

DM me if you’d like some more info :slight_smile:

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That’s what we’ve been trying but. it hasn’t been as easy as anticipated

@Toby1 Hi Toby, are you looking for someone to do it full time?

we’re looking for a full-time bubble developer to work with for the next 3-6 months. The project described above is what I’d want this person to work on in the near future, but there are other items on our roadmap that I want to work on afterwards. Does that make sense?


SparkDev team can help you!

Please write me a PM.

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