Looking for full time roles - Portfolio attached

I am a former android programmer and product manager managing android apps. I have known Bubble since 2021 but back then it was just a curiosity. It was only mid of last year that I left my PM job to explore a career in the Bubble/no-code space. I have worked as a bubble dev on and off in the past few months but the work has not been steady. I am looking for roles or opportunities that can provide a steady stream of work and also improve my bubble skills.

I have created this portfolio site with some thought. Usually getting opportunities which require experience without having some experience is a chicken-and-egg problem. I have tried to solve it to an extent by utilising the bare minimum that I have - visits to my site.

Portfolio link - https://www.avinashbehera.com/

If you have any opportunities for me, you can send me a message here or there are other contact options in the above portfolio site. If you have any thoughts on my portfolio site, then also I am equally all ears.

I am from India, GMT +05:30 but I am ready to accommodate working hours in any timezone.