Looking for help for my web app

Hello I’m looking for help starting my project.
That’s what i wanna build:

  • A web app, where i can put and update data as an admin ( name/surname/email/phone/interest/etc)
  • A user can pick a plan (3 different plan) and have access to this data with some hidden infos depending of his plan.
  • User have access with a simple search bar & few box to tick depending of his interest.
  • As said, depending of his plan, he can have access to some info or all info.

What’s for you the best advice to start with my web app? How should I start?
Thanks a lot for help !

Hi @jeddimees

Definitely start by completing bubble’s tutorials:

Checkout @romanmg courses

As well as @dan1 sources

And jump into your app and start building!


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