Looking for help in building a multiplayer Hip Hop Trivia App

I recently joined Bubble so I’m still feeling my way around the platform. I am looking for help or to partner with a develper to help me build a mobile app that is a multiplayer trivia game.

The game I have in mind is similar to the platform structure of Trivia Royale - ‎Trivia Royale™ on the App Store - without the extra fluff and focused on hip hop culture. Since I’d like to produce an MVP I want to strip this down to the most basic and necessary parts to createa workable game.

I guess my first question is can a multiple player mobile app like this even be created in bubble? Or is this a situation where you need to build in Unity?

Take a look at the links below to get a understanding of what I was think about. If anyone is interested let me know and we can chat
Thank you.

‎Trivia Royale™ on the App Store
Teatime Games launches Trivia Royale with 1,000-player matches on iOS | VentureBeat

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I think that this is probably doable on bubble but not with bubble alone. I imagine that you would need to use some plug-ins like at least a plug-in that uses some thing like fire bases real time data base or firestore. I could be wrong about that though.

An issue you might run into is 1000 people calling your bubble page at the same time. However, that may not be the case as mobile claims to be able to scale to whatever size is needed