Looking for help on how to delete current cells image

I am trying to delete current cell image, but it is not an option I am seeing?


I think that you just need to use Delete an uploaded file , current cell image
Added it to your workflow. You can check if this is working

It does not work for me the image stays in the list, I uploaded one but I had to delete it in the database manually after.

So because the image is with in the car group you have to remove it from the car group by making a change to the car group then removing the image.

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Exact. You need first to delete the file and after to remove it in the list. Forget this step.
(Image field: remove: Current cell image).

You can only remove, but the file will remain on storage. It’s better to delete it completely.

yes that works thank yous!
Amazon storage? cause its gone in database.

Amazon Bubble storage is limited. Even if you remove a file from field this doesnt delete the file from storage. If you use native Bubble storage, this is a good thing to delete the file too

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