Looking for ideas for a method to filter data for the view of a logged out user?

Hey bubblers, hoping I can find some advice on how I can build the following in an app I am working on.

Here’s the scope:

  • a company can create their app account and build prospect/contact lists to share with their clients to help generate new business opportunities
  • I would like to build it in a way that the company can send a link to their client on email for example and the client can simply follow that link and then access the companies list of contacts while being logged out and not having the need to create an account in the app. They can go in, review this companies contacts and take some actions from there.

What is stumping me a little atm is figuring out what is the way to have this. So essentially, have a logged out user follow a link to the companies data in the app and be able to see and review this companies contacts and not see the contacts of any other companies which also have their own contact lists in the app?

I am not experienced working with subdomains and this is one thought I have had (no idea if this would solve my problem here though). For example, if each company got set up with a sub domain, could this be a way forward with this?

I thought about perhaps trying to see if I could set a state for “selected company” when the logged out user goes in to the app and then use this state as a value to filter the contacts (i.e. just show the ones created by this company). Just not sure how I can enable this when the logged out user of course has no ties to the backend?

Any ideas on how I could build this would be great to hear. Thank you!

Btw, the contact lists are not containing any personal information to the contacts. I appreciate without this context this idea may sound pretty dangerous from a gdpr pov!