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Looking for iOS gestures

Hi to everyone,
I’m new here and I’m getting quite excited for the potential I see in Bubble for my future projects.
I’m a web designer and, as much as I tried, I never crossed the gap toward development.
Bubble is the first tool I’ve found that makes app development something I could approach.
And for this reason I’d like to thank developers for this! You did a great great work!

Now my question. Actually I’m starting to dirt my hands with Bubble and I’m going in the direction of iOS development. I have some little ideas I want to develop.
My problem is that I cannot find any reference to iOS gestures which, as you know, are key elements in any good UI and UX project.
Do any of you have found a way to enable them in Bubble? Or, there are any plans for the developers to integrate some of them in the platform?
I’m not talking about sci-fi stuff, just the usual swipe and pinch (but mostly swipe…) which are now so common on almost any platform.

Thanks for your help!


Does anybody know the answer to this question?

Are we able to swipe the mobile screen? How do we integrate this gesture into the Bubble app?

Eg. swiping through user onboarding screens

I could very well be wrong but Bubble doesn’t have the capability. Bubble is nearly able to handle all database applications - but as far as games, swiping, pinching, etc it will either be handled on a sponsored (paid) basis or addressed later on if at all.

That being said, you can use a repeating group to scroll left and right in a frame and you can zoom out of your page.

I know the Bubble devs have their hands full already but there are playful work arounds for swiping.

When you get your hands dirty, you’ll find that Bubble is extremely capable but you’re not coding using Swift, Python, or Linux - you’re applying logic to bring your program to life.

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Yeah, we’ll look into adding events based in gestures when we’ll push for mobile. For mobile web apps it doesn’t really make sense