Looking for new team

Looking for skilled website designers with experience in using the bubble.io application.

This will be a relatively short term project to the value of $2 300 000 once completed.

Requirements as follows:

Preferably English speaking / or must be fluent in the English language.

Must be in the United States of America as we will be working with USA related matters.

We will only accept 6 participants as this will be a short term project.

Area Specification Required:

Website Designers X2

Website Manager X1

Marketing personnel X1

Financial Manager X1

And Head Of Project which will be me.

This post and positions will be active until taken down.

For more information regarding the contract of an employee kindly contact:


Or call 076 106 3292

Good Luck!

This doesn’t seem strange at all posting a high number with limited information?

Either way I have inquired.