Looking for paid staff at Pacific Network!

If you love helping people and are passionate about cads/mdts head over to Pacific Network, we are looking for paid staff.

Looking for:
~Sales Team
~Support Team

How it will work:
You will be paid a percentage of every sale you make! This will be done through PayPal.

If you are interested please come join the server open a support ticket and we will send an application and do an interview.

Zachary Wright
CEO of Pacific Network
[email protected]

Come check it out!

It is a great job

Still looking

Still acceoting apps

We are still looking

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Hey sir,
Sorry if you have a problem with us but many other people do it also, and all you would have to do is scroll down a little to view other servers. I would understand where you are coming from if I posted about the same topic and not different topics, but that is not at all what is happening. Please stop mini-modding. If you have a problem with how this is please contact [email protected] to talk with our CEO.

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