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Looking for Senior Bubble Developer; Full-time for long term collaboration (Remote)

We are, a talent consultancy that focuses on delivering scalable, flexible and robust recruiting solutions to fast-growing companies in Europe.
We focus on our customer’s needs, delivering through efficiency and utilizing data to improve overall recruiting strategies.
Currently, we are scaling up and have a team of amazing recruiters, sources, and technologists around the world. We have been working with diverse clients such as Wolt,, i2x, Leaspome, Solarisbank, etc. to help them build the internal TA team and successfully help them scale up by finding the best talent.


  • Develop new features for custom-built ATS/CRM application that’s currently running 10,000 plus workflows an hour
  • Build connections to 3rd party software through API’s
  • Continuously improve current systems and processes
  • Design and develop efficient solutions that can continue to scale
  • Make decisions on the usage of external technologies: databases, relevant integrations, etc.
  • Build different types of advanced automation using a variety of integrations of third party programs (Nylas, Phantombuster, Power BI, Calendly, Github, Lever, Stack share to name a few)


  • 4+ years of experience in verbal or visual coding
  • Proficiency in Bubble and the ability to build features from scratch
  • Understanding of how to set up complex backend workflows and API integrations in Bubble
  • A passion for delivering fast user-friendly applications. Continuously learning on how you can improve the current solution.
  • Functional knowledge of JavaScript & SQL is a plus


  • You will have the opportunity to create and cultivate.
  • You will be a part of an international team formed of a Bubble developer, Software Tester, Chrome Extension Developer and ±50 Recruiters
  • You will be building unique tools that improve recruiters’ efficiency and provide a better client experience.
  • The current solution consists of CRM, Marketing Automation for pipelining, advanced analytics and chrome extension.
  • Interact with smart and engaged co-workers.
  • Flexible schedule and work that stays at work!
  • The freedom to work from anywhere in the world.
  • Rest & relaxation - Unlimited paid vacation.

If you are interested, just message me directly and I will share more details!