Looking for some help finishing my website

Hello, I am looking for someone who can help me with anonymizing user data, small payment issues, and small responsive issues. If you could include your experience, areas of expertise, and pricing I would appreciate it! you can also reach me at info@thirdeyecyborg.com.

Hey @thirdeyecyborg :wave:

Welcome to the Bubble Community! :tada:

I can definitely help with responsiveness through coaching and even possibly your issue with user data and payments. Are you using the Bubble Stripe plugin? I can help you with the Bubble Stripe plugin if that’s the one you are using.

You can book an appointment if you see some time available on my calendar that fits with your schedule. Hope to talk with you soon. Next weeks is already fully booked in my calendar. You should be able to get an appointment the following Monday if you would like. Every once in a while I will get really booked like this, normally someone can book me with a few days.

Hope that helps! :blush:

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