Looking For Some Help With Workflow

I need someone to build an example of a upload workflow that can upload 1 or mutli-photos at one time or a video. Similar to instagram or any other social media app. No Youtube embed.

Inside this workflow you’ll

  1. Upload a photo or video
  2. toggle ON/OFF a Yes/No value
  3. Write some text into a text field

All 3 data points are stored into a collection which will be passed into a repeating group just like instagram or facebook.

Please message me back with a price and how long it will take.

Hey Sam,

Thanks for sharing the opportunity. We can help as an agency (codemap.agency), but feel free to also sign up for codemap.io. We just launched it as an end-to-end marketplace for no code, especially focusing on Bubble experts. You can send requests, get proposals and chat with experts on the platform so no need to manage stuff via email anymore.



Hello @samhouston1107,

We have checked your requirement as we are very much capable of working with bubble.io requirement. As per our understanding we need to help you in building upload workflow where user can upload 1 or multi photo at one time. In which following functionality should be included such as upload a photo or video, toggle on/off value and text filed where user can enter some text.

As we understand that the task need to be done on the basis of provided information or details but to calculate effort and formulate working solution and provide the exact estimation we would like to resolve few queries which are mentioned below:

  1. Can you please share link of the site so that we can analysis actual what need to be done.
  2. Do you want user can upload many images in there timeline or can upload multiple image at a time only?
  3. Do you want any other functionality such as editing image crop adding text etc.

Please share your reply over ian@cisinlabs.com or can add me over Skype: cis.ian

Awaiting for the revert.

Kind Regards
Ian R

Hi Sam,

I’m Jof, the founder of https://millionlabs.co.uk/, a no-code agency. We specialise in Bubble MVPs and mobile applications.

We would be happy to help with your project! If you feel we would be a good fit, please schedule a meeting through our calendly at your earliest convenience to discuss this further. https://calendly.com/jof-walters/meeting



Hi Sam,

You might be able to build it yourself. It’s pretty simple actually. You’ll have an image placholder inside a group contained in a repeating group.

Inside this group, on top of the image you can have buttons with yes/no values, input text field and whatever you’d like to have from the elements tab.

Uploading the images would be based on workflows with conditional statements.

This is a great workaround and it does the trick. We can also build a plugin around this, but it might be an expensive route to take :wink: